Complete Design Packages
Stability Analysis and Booklets
Detailed Drafting

Complete Design Packages

TriNav is best known for designing fishing vessels but have also completed and been involved in a wide variety of commercial and passenger vessel design projects. TriNav is known for designs that optimize strength, seaworthiness and stability. We believe that maintaining a good relationship amongst the naval architect, builder, owner and regulatory organizations during the design and construction process is key to completing a successful vessel on time and within budget. TriNav will work with any qualified builder or shipyard of your choice.

We have many designs on file to choose from or we will complete a custom design to your specifications. We meet with the owner and builder to develop a comprehensive design specification and to ensure everyone's requirements are met. From this, a detailed design package is developed; including lines plan, structure calculations, profile and decks structure drawings, general arrangement drawing, bilge, tanks, machinery, fire & safety and electrical drawings. Final stability and tonnage are completed when the vessel is launched. We stay involved in the project from start to finish.

To start the process of having your new vessel designed by TriNav; please contact us toll-free at 1-866-754-7060.

Stability Analysis and Booklets

Stability booklets are completed as per Transport Canada Marine Safety Branch and Classification requirements. The booklet is a comprehensive analysis of the vessels stability for a wide range of operating conditions. The stability analysis could involve a full vessel incline and booklet or an assessment based on a lightship survey. TCMSB Simplified and ISO methods can also be completed depending on the vessel size and requirements. All booklets are submitted to TCMSB or Class for review and approval.

TriNav completes full stability booklets or can update an existing booklet by analyzing additional conditions. We have completed hundreds of stability booklets on a wide variety of vessel types including fishing, passenger, tug and barge. We believe that a stability analysis is fundamental to ensuring the safety of a vessel and her crew and should be an essential component to any good design. TriNav uses the latest in stability software to produce professional, accurate results.

Detailed Drafting

TriNav uses the latest in computer aided design (CAD) software such as AutoCAD, Rhino and ShipConstructor to produce detailed design drawings. We create accurate drawings to reduce time and costs to the owner and builder. Detailed drawings are produced for projects ranging from full design to specific projects like design modifications.

Design Modifications and Conversions
Vessel Surveys
Project Management

Design Modifications & Conversions

Vessels are often modified to meet changing requirements, to improve efficiency, improve carrying capacity and comfort or to improve safety. Vessel owners are required by Transport Canada Marine Safety Branch (TCMSB) to have such work approved prior to starting. TriNav conducts a detailed vessel survey and structural analysis and calculations to determine the requirements for the proposed modifications to ensure it is compliant with TCMSB. Reports and design drawings are completed and submitted to TCMSB for approval. A new stability booklet and tonnage measurement are typically required after the modifications are completed. Vessel modifications include such projects as:

  • Anti-Roll Tank
  • Bulbous Bow
  • Stern Extension
  • Mid-body Extension
  • Increasing Vessel Breadth
  • Raise Main Deck
  • New Deckhouses
  • Fitment of Refrigerated Seawater Tanks (RSW)
  • Fitment of Bilge Keels and Fins

Vessel Surveys

TriNav has extensive experience in conducting surveys on all vessel types, including fishing, pleasure, tug, barge, cargo, container, offshore supply and ferry. Surveys are completed for vessel owners, cargo owners, shippers, Legal firms and financial institutions. We complete an in depth survey and compile detailed information as required for each survey type and issue a detailed report with photos. Survey types include:

  • Damage Survey
  • Total Loss Investigations
  • P & I
  • Cargo Loading and Lashing
  • Deadweight Draft Survey
  • Condition & Valuation
  • On-Hire / Off-Hire
  • Container Damage
  • Load and Stow
  • Appraisals
  • Fish Hold Volume
  • Tonnage
  • Lightship Survey
  • Ullage

Project Management

With in-depth knowledge and experience in vessel design, construction and surveying, TriNav is well equipped to provide project management and on site supervision for many project types. We have thorough knowledge of regulatory and classification society’s rules and regulations which will ensure your project is completed properly, on time and within budget. We will gladly provide project management for a TriNav design or a customers own design, as well as vessel conversions and modifications.